Sun Valley Summer Symphony Announces Creative Spark Drawing Winner

SUN VALLEY, Idaho – The Sun Valley Summer Symphony is pleased to announce Mary Vanderheiden of Scottsdale, Arizona as the winner of the painting “Color After Fire”, donated by local artist Will Caldwell. Caldwell, the featured artist for the Symphony’s imagery in 2017, donated the painting for the Symphony’s 2017 season initiative Share your Creative Spark.

The campaign asked audience members to get involved in the season theme, “Experience the Creative Spark”, by sharing what inspires their own creativity. Submissions were submitted at the Symphony Store or on the Symphony’s website from July 24 – August 17. Vanderheiden was awarded the painting after her “Share your Creative Spark” submission was selected in a random drawing of participants after the conclusion of the Symphony’s 2017 Orchestra Festival.

The purpose of the Symphony’s “Share your Creative Spark” initiative was to stimulate creativity community-wide and bring increased awareness to the importance of the arts in the community. The idea was conceived after Caldwell described the inspiration behind his 1972 painting, “Stand of Aspens”, which was chosen to adorn the cover of the Symphony’s 2017 season program. In explaining the inspiration for the painting, completed 45 years ago, Caldwell recalls “the splendor of sunbeams blazing through aspen trees,” which began his “40-year devotion to painting the pageantry of light, from Sawtooth lakes and wildflowers, to ethnic faces in faraway places.”

Vanderheiden, a piano teacher, expressed in her “Share your Creative Spark” submission how her piano students were her creative inspiration. Upon being informed of her winning submission, she said, “My gratitude is beyond words and I can’t begin to thank the Sun Valley Summer Symphony and Will Caldwell enough for the beautiful painting ‘Color After Fire‘. It will be a valued keepsake of our time in Sun Valley and the amazing evenings spent at the symphony.”

Twenty second prizes were also awarded in the random drawing. In correlation with the Symphony’s celebration of 10 years performing in the R.E. Holding Sun Valley Pavilion, these winners received a coffee table book which documents the inspiration, architecture and construction process of Sun Valley Pavilion. The Symphony sincerely thanks all those who participated in this initiative and will continue to share the inspiration expressed by participants throughout the remainder of the year.

Photo Caption: Oil painting “Color After Fire” was awarded to Mary Vanderheiden (Scottsdale, Arizona) as part of the Sun Valley Summer Symphony’s 2017 season initiative Share your Creative Spark.

September 6, 2017