Sun Valley Pavilion and Lawn

Sun Valley Pavilion is located at the Sun Valley Resort
300 Dollar Road • Sun Valley, Idaho • 83353

The design for the Sun Valley Pavilion at the Sun Valley Resort was inspired by its natural setting and has become a community-gathering place for performances and events.

The sky and mountains are captured by the free flowing sensual roof, comprising of a seasonal luminous tensile membrane covering 1600 seats. A permanent steel cable net with a copper roof structure provides cover over the stage and support facilities. The surrounding landscape is sculpted into an undulating park gently elevated like a natural amphitheater, with views of Trail Creek Canyon, Dollar Mountain and Baldy

  • Families are welcome: Concerts are appropriate for children over the age of 10. Please ensure children are ready for a serious classical-music concert.
    Families and children of all ages are encouraged to inside the Pavilion for the Family Concert, August 11.
  • Coolers and glass containers are not permitted inside the Pavilion.
  • Please keep aisles and rows free of obstructions for safety of all patrons.
  • The Pavilion is an open-air venue. Weather can be unpredictable. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please, no photography, audio or video recordings during performances. Photos during curtain calls and before and after the concerts are allowed.
  • No dogs permitted inside the Pavilion, except for credentialed assistance canines.
  • Please set all mechanical and electronic devices  to their inaudible settings (watches, phones, other communication and medical devices, etc. which emit rings, beeps, alarms and other sounds).
  • Assisted listening devices are available for the hearing impaired and may be checked-out from the reception table, down the stairs at the main Pavilion entrance.
    • Please use a low-profile lawn chair that is low to the ground. If a basketball could fit under your chair, it is too tall and may restrict other’s view.
      Need the perfect chair? The Symphony Store has them for sale. Proceeds benefit the Sun Valley Summer Symphony’s Education Programs.
    • Sit on the lawn in a place that matches your listening style, serious listeners up front!
    • Blankets are welcome on the lawn. Please do not use tarps as they harm the lawn.
    • If your dog has a lot of energy, please sit along the perimeter of the lawn.
    • Drones are prohibited on the Sun Valley Resort property.
    • Please recycle and throw away trash after the music has ended.
    • Recycle your program book by giving it to an usher or keep it to reuse throughout the season.
    • Avoid traffic and parking: Ride your bike or take the bus to concerts. Please park bikes in the racks available at the main entrance.
  • EnjoyBigScImg

    2018 Dates: August 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 19 and 23

    The Screen on the Pavilion lawn is a 14 x 25 foot LED wall with imagery supplied by seven cameras inside the Sun Valley Pavilion. The Sun Valley Summer Symphony’s 8-member video production team includes camera operators, a technical director, shader, cue caller and a screen engineer – plus all the camera equipment.


    Do you picnic on the lawn and wonder how you can help keep the Big Screen going for future Sun Valley Summer Symphony festival concerts? Give online here or visit the Symphony Store for information about how to give.