Music Institute Summer Programs

Discover the magic of studying with people who love making music as much as you do.

Surround yourself with other musicians. At The Institute’s Summer Programs, students at all levels interact with professional musicians and instructors. Opportunities abound for young musicians to meet Sun Valley Summer Symphony musicians and guest artists.

Advanced Chamber Music Program

July 29-August 10, 2019

College Undergraduates and Exceptional High School Students

Work and perform with one of the most respected festival orchestras in the nation! You’ll study with world-renowned instructors, observe rehearsals, attend performances, and meet musicians and guest artists with the Sun Valley Summer Symphony. From chamber music to opera workshops, this program’s unique atmosphere creates exceptional instruction opportunities.

Two-week instruction for piano, voice, and strings

Application Deadline: April 1, 2019

Summer Student Programs, Grades 2-12

August 5-9, 2019

Week-long Instruction for All Ability Levels

Experience the fun of studying music through orchestras, ensembles, classes, and master classes with leading instructors and musicians from the Sun Valley Summer Symphony. It’s the perfect way to spend a week in Sun Valley!

Week-long instruction for piano, voice, strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion

Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

What are the Music Institute Summer Programs? An overview

What is the program?

Music Institute Summer Programs are exciting, engaging two-tiered summer music instruction courses that interface with Sun Valley Summer Symphony musicians, guest artists, and conductors.

Who is the program designed to serve?

The Advanced Chamber Music Program: Collegiate undergraduates as well as exceptional high school juniors and seniors with training in strings, voice, and piano.

Summer Student Programs, Grades 2-12: Elementary through high school students in strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, voice, and piano. The program offers specific curriculum to support beginners and advanced students in each discipline.

When are the Music Institute Summer Programs?

The Advanced Chamber Music Program: A two-week program from July 29-August 10, 2019

Summer Student Programs, Grades 2-12: One-week programs from August 5-9, 2019

A brief description

As part of its education programs, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony offers a multi-week program embracing students of all ages and abilities – the  Music Institute Summer Programs. Through connections with Symphony musicians, guest artists, and conductors students experience unique, high-level educational opportunities as they explore their love for music. Participating students interact with some of the leading classical musicians in the country. With two tiers defined by age and musical ability, the program provides private instruction, small and large ensemble experiences, electives, and classes focused on technique, master classes, discussions, and outstanding live performances, as well as other educational opportunities.

Music Institute Summer Program Goals

To offer exceptional experiences to a diverse set of students with an interest in music at all levels

To create dynamic interactions between Sun Valley Summer Symphony musicians, guest artists, and conductors and curious music students

To introduce students to the rewards of participation, as artists and audience members, in a world-class music festival presented by an organization committed to music education

To connect music students at all levels to a passionate team of outstanding music educators

To create an environment where exceptional young music students explore their passions, ask meaningful questions, engage in powerful discussions, and make lasting discoveries

FAQ: Answers to many of your questions

How do I know if this program is right for me?

The Advanced Chamber Music Program is very focused. We create an environment where exceptional young musicians can collaborate and work with outstanding instructors. Students in this program should be studying privately. They should possess a passion for music and be ready for an intimate encounter that will challenge and inspire them. They should have the discipline and commitment needed to stay focused and engaged during long, intense rehearsals. If this type of concentrated work feels right, apply. If it feels a bit overwhelming, take a look at the Summer Student Programs, Grades 2-12.

Does everyone have to submit a recording?

All students applying for the Advanced Chamber Music Program need to submit a recording. We take seriously the responsibility of putting together a complimentary group of musicians, so the work samples are critical. Even if you have participated before in our program, we need to be able to share your work with all of the appropriate instructors and staff. Applications are not considered until all required recordings are submitted.

If you are applying for Summer Student Programs, Grades grades 2-12 you are not required to send a recording with the following exceptions:

If you are a younger student wishing to be considered for an upper level group (i.e. a student in 7th or 8th grade wishing to participate in the Sun Valley Youth Orchestra)

If you selected the Chamber Music Experience ELECTIVE, a recording is strongly recommended so we can place you in a group of students with a similar ability level

If you feel a recording will help us place you in the proper group, you may send one to aid us in your placement

If I’m not accepted into the Advanced Chamber Music Program, will I still be eligible for the Summer Student Programs, Grades 2-12?

Absolutely. We hope that all high school students who do not find a place in the Advanced Chamber Music Program will consider joining us for the Summer Student Programs, Grades 2-12. We think both programs are great.