Administration and Production Staff

Vicki Abrams Carter
    Finance Manager
Daniel Hansen
    Marketing Coordinator
Deanna Immel Harned
    Operations Director
Laura Jorgenson
    Housing Associate
Dawn Madole
    Artistic Coordinator
Marcia Mode-Stavros
    Housing Coordinator
Carol O’Loughlin
    Development Director
Gretchen Palmer
    Development Coordinator
    Seating Liaison
Ellen Pesavento
    Orchestra Personnel Manager
Kim Gasenica
    Education Director
Dave Johnson
    Artistic Director, The Experience at the Summer Music Institute
Karis Kemp
    Education Registrar
R.L. Rowsey
    Education Artistic Director

Makena Clark
    Administrative Intern
John Evans
    Concert Services Manager
Sophie Petroski
    Summer Music Institute Site Coordinator
Ann Scales
    Front of House Manager
Ellye Walsh
    Summer Assistant
Janis Walton
    Residence Hall Manager

Jack Beuttler
    Production Manager
Jon Bonine
Elizabeth Brent
    Artist Liaison
Alex Dietz-Kest
    Audio Technician
Alex Espolet
    Audio Technician
Brandon Flynn
    Assistant Stage Manager
Allie Khori
    Summer Music Institute Production Coordinator
Jon Kochavi
    Program Annotator
Scott Langston
    Screen Technician
Brian Mohr
    Sound Designer
Samuel Mollner
    Pavilion Technical Director
Jason Oestenstad
    Production Assistant
Terry Shaughnessy
    Video Director
John Plummer
    Video Crew Manager
David Robertson
    Lighting Designer
Kevin Sweetser
    Head of Sound
Ernie Trevino
    Assistant Stage Manager