The Lifelong Journey

Music education isn’t just for kids! Adult education takes the spotlight with The Sun Valley Summer Symphony.

Education is at the core of The Sun Valley Summer Symphony. The more you know about music, the more you know about The Symphony, the more you’ll want to know.

Upbeat with Alasdair

Held at The Community Library in the winter and spring each year, music director Alasdair Neale uses the season programming as a springboard for discussion and Q&A in these informative talks. Visit The Education Events page for specific dates and times.

Lawn Chats

Informal. Inspiring. Engaging. Highly entertaining. Designed for the curious music enthusiast, these 30 minute sessions will delight and inform. Held on the north end of the lawn at 5:45, Lawn Chats are hosted by Sun Valley Summer Symphony Assistant Conductor, Ankush Bahl and his special guests. The Lawn Chats are held before most concerts. Watch for more details about The Chats.